Creative Field (Teens Box)

Digital meets Nature. Cue soft pastels, bold bright colours and the change of seasons for an endless list of creative possibilities!


What is in the Box?

  • Pressed Flower Perspex Clutch

    Pressed Flower Perspex Clutch

    Have you ever seen a prettier clutch than this Pressed Flower Perspex Clutch? With its real flowers that are skilfully placed for a fresh and feminine look, it will feel as if you’re wearing a field of florals every time you show off your latest fashion find! Perfect for your cell phone, car keys, lip balm and bank card…because who needs more than that anyway?

  • Tulle Flower Socks

    Tulle Flower Socks

    Add some new life to your favourite heels, sneakers or boots with these Tulle Flower Socks. Not only are they super soft and comfortable, but their embroidered pattern adds some beautiful blooms to your ankles!

  • Pressed Flower Pendant and Chain

    Pressed Flower Pendant and Chain

    If pressed flowers on your clutch are not enough, simply add your Pressed Flower Pendant for some pretty petals along your neckline. Instantly liven up a t-shirt, button shirt or dress with this floral friend!

  • Metal Flower Pendant

    Metal Flower Pendant

    If you are looking for a finer floral note, exchange the Pressed Flower Pendant with this golden engraved Metal Flower Pendant. Or you can add both pendants to the chain, it’s completely up to you!

  • Leafy Crawler Earrings

    Leafy Crawler Earrings

    Let a twig of fine gold leaves decorate your ears with your Leafy Crawler Earrings for a dainty and darling look. Crawler Earrings are the latest earring trend and we are here for it because you don’t even need a second piercing to wear them!

Disclaimer: Depending on your membership level, the number of items in your box might differ from the list above. To see exactly what you will receive in your box, click here and make sure you are logged in.

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