Power Plush (Teens)

Look back on fashionable faves and style them in new fresh ways with the Power Plush box filled with soft yet powerful accessories.

What is in the Box?

  • Mini Plush Bag

    Mini Plush Bag

    Step into the season of style with your Mini Plush Bag for the ultimate fashionable and fun look. Big enough to carry your everyday essentials yet cute and casual.

  • Plush Checked Scarf

    Plush Checked Scarf

    Wrap yourself in a warm and wonderful scarf that can go with all your neutral-toned outfits!

  • Power Bucket Hat

    Power Bucket Hat

    The Bucket Hat has officially become a style staple for any girl's closet! Update the look by opting for a PU design, like the Power Bucket Hat.

  • Cream Skinny Belt

    Cream Skinny Belt

    Jeans, dresses, jackets, the options are endless. If you ever feel like an outfit is missing something or just doesn't look right, then you probably just need to add a belt, the Cream Skinny Belt to be exact!

  • Heart Drop Earrings

    Heart Drop Earrings

    Update your style in a heartbeat with your Heart Drop Earrings. The chain link trend is still going strong, but you can update it with a cutesy heart resin charm that you can add to both earrings, one earring for a miss-matched look or leave out completely. Whatever your heart's desire!

Disclaimer: Depending on your membership level, the number of items in your box might differ from the list above. To see exactly what you will receive in your box, click here and make sure you are logged in.