Organised in Style Box 6

Your sixth Organised in Style box brings you a fabulous 7 Piece Travel Bag Set. This set of bags in different sizes makes organising and travelling hassle-free. They are perfect for packing more than you think you can fit, and can move seamlessly from your travel bags to a cupboard. Taking extra outfits and keeping your bags organised has never been this easy. And the best part? You will most likely still have extra space in your luggage.


What's in the box

Large Storage Bag

This Large Storage Bag has a mesh cover to easily identify the items inside and a zip top to flip open comfortably.

Two Medium Storage Bags

Your set includes two Medium Storage Bags. They have mesh covers to easily identify the items inside and zip tops to flip open comfortably.

Small Bag with Zip Top

This Small Bag with Zip Top rounds off your collection of large, medium and small packing cubes perfectly.

Shoe Bag

This zipped Shoe Bag is the best way to travel with your favourite pair of shoes.

Drawstring Bag

The sizable Drawstring Bag can be used for any larger items, or even for storing your laundry on your travels.

Small Bag with Plastic Lining

This small zipped bag comes with a useful plastic lining, making it suitable for moist items, or items that are too large for your toiletry bags.


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