Organised in Style Box 5

Your fifth Organised in Style box consists of a five-slot Sunglasses Organiser, along with five Microfibre Sunglasses Pouches for individual packaging and cleaning. This is the trendiest way to protect, store and transport all your favourite sunnies.


What's in the box

Sunglasses Organiser

Your Sunglasses Organiser is the perfect storage tool that keeps all your favourite sunglasses safely protected from scratches and dust. You can hang the Sunglasses Organiser to show off your collection of sunnies or roll it up for safe storage. Rotate your pairs from most-used to travel-ready with the handy case that rolls up snugly and secures with two clips.

Five Microfibre Sunglasses Pouches

The Microfibre Sunglasses Pouches are soft cases that double up as lens cleaners, so you can rest assured that each pair gets maximum protection, especially when using your storage holder during travels. You receive 5 of these pouches in your box: one for each slot of your Sunglasses Organiser.


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