Cottage Chic

Look quaint and cute with the Cottage Chic box. Trendy jewellery items are paired with a palette of kumquat orange and grassy green to lift and liven the neutral charcoal and tan core colours for that city meets countryside chic look.

What is in the Box?

  • Tan Canvas Bag

    Tan Canvas Bag

    Going to the beach, braai or bushveld? Then this is the perfect multipurpose bag that you have been looking for! Made from durable cotton canvas in a minimalistic style, this bag is set to last you a lifetime!

  • Textured Turkish Towel

    Textured Turkish Towel

    The intricately woven pattern on this charcoal coloured Turkish Towel makes this more than a trendy towelling option. Not only is it super absorbent and quick drying as a bath, beach or pool towel, but it is also ideal as a sarong over your swimwear or as an elegant home décor item.

  • Printed Headscarf

    Printed Headscarf

    The latest fashion influencer trend means no more bad hair days! Wear the versatile Printed Head Scarf with its pop of colours as a bandanna, headband or even as a mask. With so many options, it’s no wonder that a headscarf is a cottagecore staple.

  • Locket Layered Necklace

    Locket Layered Necklace

    Lovely layers? Yes, please! Add the Locket Layered Necklace to a neckline that will show off this golden gift in all its girly wonder. With its chunky chain and cute locket, you are bound to unlock your next style level!

  • Pearl Hoops

    Pearl Hoops

    What do you get when you combine two of fashion’s favourite things? Hoops that are studded with pearls! It’s the perfect addition not only to the Locket Layered Necklace, but also to…well, anything really!

  • Stack Ring Set

    Stack Ring Set

    Talking with your hands has just become more fabulous with this Stack Ring Set. The adjustable black and gold ring emulates the star pattern on the Printed Head Scarf, while the mix of textured and smooth stack rings are perfect to be worn on any finger or individually.

Disclaimer: Depending on your membership level, the number of items in your box might differ from the list above. To see exactly what you will receive in your box, click here and make sure you are logged in.