Wild Emperador Box

For a limited time, we are offering our Wild Emperador box AND a personal styling call up for grabs! #Lockdown on these style must-haves before you luck out.


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What to expect in your box:

1. Emperador Crossbody Bag

It feels like leather, looks like leather and even smells like leather, but it’s NOT! Made from a premium polyurethane (faux) leather, this Emperador Crossbody Bag has a luxurious touch and feel but is completely animal-friendly and guilt-free. Use the longer length strap to free up both your hands for managing kids, work, shopping or “all of the above” …Winning at life has never looked this stylish.

2. Emperador Leopard Print Scarf

Let your outfit roar with a classic favourite, the luxe leopard print. Since the Twenties, this pouncing print has had many updates, but we are going wild for this blanket scarf’s extra-large spots mixed with sophisticated stripes. Instantly elevate and add warmth to any outfit with the rich palette of browns which makes it the perfect piece for when you are conquering the urban jungle.

3. Emperador Tortoise Shell Sunglass Set

Leave the house looking SPECtacular in these round retro sunglasses. The iconic ‘60s shape will give a lively update to any outfit while the tortoiseshell frame is a perfect neutral that goes with anything!

4. Emperador Gold and Tortoise Shell Chain Bracelet Set

Resin is on the rise thanks to fashion turning its gaze to the nostalgic ‘80s. The psychedelic swirls come in various colourways, but we opted for the timeless tortoiseshell pattern that adds a touch of chic elegance to any outfit. Another terrific trend is chain-link jewellery. Wear the bulkier gold link bracelet on its own or pair it with the resin tortoiseshell bracelet for a fiercely fashionable look.