Terrific Teal – Jewellery Set

Look “tealicious” with your Terrific Teal jewellery set. If you like to make a statement, this set will definitely garner attention and compliments.


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What to expect in the box:

  1. Terrific Teal Statement Necklace
    Take your outfits from simplistic to simply stunning with this matt gold statement necklace. The geometrical design adds an earthy luxurious feel for that finishing touch to an eccentric outfit. Alternatively, let the necklace do all the talking when worn with an all-black or navy outfit.
  2. Terrific Teal Disc and Versatile Stud Earrings
    Keep it elegant, yet trendy with the matt gold drop that can be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion. Wear, your versatile stud with either the teal or the gold stud in front- it is completely up to you!