Talavera Blue Trendy Box

Our Mexican-inspired colour palette comes from original hand-painted Talavera tiles, which includes rich and vibrant tones you can expect to find in any Mexican-styled home. Lapis Blue features as the core colour of this collections and reminds us of Frida’s childhood home, La Casa Azul, also known as the Blue House for the structure’s cobalt blue walls. This vivid blue adds an instant regal touch to any look.


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What to expect in the box:

  1. Lapis Blue Turkish Towel
    Turn a necessity into an accessory with your 100% cotton Lapis Blue Turkish Towel. Its lightweight design and ultra-absorbency make the Turkish Towel a preferred travelling companion. This versatile essential can also be used as a scarf, a picnic throw, travelling blanket or even a swimsuit cover-up.
  2. Lapis Blue Tassel Earrings
    No outfit can be boring when wearing these bold Lapis Blue Tassel Earrings. Be sure to wear your hair up, swept to the side or in a sleek bun to show off the details of your favourite new accessory. For a toned-down look, remove the tassels and wear the brushed gold studs on their own.
  3. Machine Red Tassel Earrings
    Consider these statement earrings your official invitation to the fringe festival. A shorter tassel in Machine Red is sure to make any accessory lover’s heart skip a beat. Wear them with matching red lips at night or nude lips during the day. For a toned-down look, remove the tassels and wear the green studs on their own.
  4. Brushed Gold Cuff
    Warmer weather calls for audacious arms- and what better way than with a Brushed Gold Cuff? The textured, brushed finish gives your new piece of arm candy a luxurious matte effect and will add an elegant, yet edgy touch to your outfit.