Street Smart Box

Don’t you wish you could just download all the amazing outfits you see fashionistas wearing on social media straight to your closet!? Seriously, can the geniuses of the world help a girl out? In the meantime, we have managed to identify a few key items that will give you “double-tap worthy” looks by simply adding two or three accessories from your Street Smart Collection.


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What to expect in the box:

  1. Drawstring Tan Satchel Bag
    We’re not sure how anybody can manage without this comfortable, can-hold-your-entire-life-together, Tan Drawstring Satchel. It’s even big enough to hold the jersey your mom made you take, “in case you get cold”.
  2. Bar Hoop Earrings
    Geometry is not only reserved for math class! Whether you are doing cool and casual, or fresh and fashionable, your sleek, geometric Bar Hoop Earrings will update any outfit to a chic, Instagram-worthy look!
  3. Graphic Printed Skinny Scarf
    Whether you want to add a pop of colour or just a personal touch to any outfit, your trendy Graphic Printed Skinny Scarf is perfect for the job! Wear it in your hair, with a t-shirt or even weave it through your belt loops.
  4. Gold Leaf Ring
    Show off your new hand accessories (it’s a thing) with a pic of you holding a hot beverage and casually flaunting your Gold Leaf Ring.
  5. Western Belt
    The Western Belt has become an Insta-style must-have. Rock this cool style-item with your jeans, skirts or even add it as a touch of grunge to a girly, frill dress with boots.
  6. Limited Edition Nail Polish
    We collaborated with Isabella Garcia to select the perfect colour of Limited Edition Nail Polish, to go with your Street Smart collection.