Rainy Cloudy Days Box

Maybe you remember your parents only allowing you to swim after the first rainfall of the new season. Even if there is no scientific reasoning behind this tradition, there is an undeniable enchantment to the first rainfall of a season that washes our surroundings clean. And that is exactly where our inspiration came from…RAINY, CLOUDY DAYS!  The first rainfall of a season is always exciting and the little ones can usually not wait to explore and with this box, you can allow them.


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What to expect in the box:

  1. Polka Dot Raincoat
    The water-resistant fabric keeps them from getting drenched or too dirty when they make mud pies worthy of Cake Boss’s attention. With its one-size-fits all features and elastic hood, you can be sure that the rainy days will be fabulously fun – with less mess!
  2. Cloud Lunch Box
    The cooler-bag-lunch-box is not only perfect for packing your little one’s lunch for school, but also pack anything from snacks to medicine for weekend trips, sleepovers and sport events. Making this nifty “accessory” the ultimate must have!
  3. Cloud Hair Clip Set
    Take a break from the overwhelming pink palettes for girls and introduce some neutrals such as grey and coral. The cloud shaped hairclips can be worn over weekends or if they don’t have to wear uniforms yet.
  4. Cloud Bracelet Set
    The trendy rope-bracelets are perfect to share between BFFs or it can be stacked for a playful look.
  5. Raindrop Pillow
    The raindrop shaped pillow is not only the perfect decorative accessory to any little girls’ bedroom, but it will give them comfort during stormy nights and roaring thunders if used like a “teddy bear”/ plush toy.