Radiant Rainbow Box

‘‘When life throws you a rainy day, play in the puddles’’ – Pooh Bear. Let your little one explore nature and her colourful side with her Radiant Rainbow box.


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What to expect in your box:

1. Rainbow Vanity Bag

Whether she is heading on a camping trip or going on an adventurous getaway, rest assured that this functional vanity bag is made for both home AND holiday.

2. Speckled Buff

There are so many ways to wear the Speckled Buff. Our top four ways: as a snood, a mask, a scrunchie and a headband.

3. Rainbow Hair Slides

Not all of us have mastered the skill to braid in a hurry, so our little one needs to settle for the same hairstyle every morning. Luckily, the Rainbow Hair Slides add instant joy and colour to any hairstyle!

4. Rainbow Umbrella

‘‘When life throws you a rain day, play in the puddles’’ – Pooh Bear. And now she can unhindered with her cute new Rainbow Umbrella.

5. Radiant Necklace

Add a sassy style touch to your girl’s basic outfits. A wooden necklace is a great option for when she wants to “dress up like Mom!”