Pom-Pom Piggy Box

Fluffy and fun, the Pom-Pom Piggy Box is the ideal mix between playtime and practical.


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What to expect in your box:

1. Piggy Bag

Combining a soft stuffed piggy with a practical bag and you get a Piggy Bag to keep any treasures found while out on adventures.

2. Pom-pom Activity Kit

Keep busy and creative while stimulating fine motor skill development with pretty pictures and multi-coloured pom-poms.

3. Pom-pom Beanie

Warm and cosy, the cold doesn’t stand a chance with this thick, knitted pom-pom powered beanie.

4. Pom-pom Scarf

Loop it and lock it in, the thick knit is wonderfully warm and ideal to stay put on any small busy body.

5. Pom-pom Hair Ties

Use one or use them all, the pom-pom additions to everyday hair ties add a fun statement to any hairstyle.