Marble Green Box

Fall in love with this opulent colour palette of marble green and intense burgundy, set by black and white abstract lines.


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What to expect in the box:

1. Green Top Handle Bag

Shelve your slouchy handbag styles, because the Top Handle Bag is back in business. Your Marble Green Top Handle Bag’s structured shape allows your essentials to remain organised while the on-trend circle clip keeps it secure, making it the one case where a circle fits a square perfectly!

2. Geometric Printed Scarf

Wear your Geometric Printed Scarf to add a pop of colour or simply because you “just have to’” wear it. Updating your look with a stylish silk scarf has never been easier!

3. Oval Earrings

Fashion trends are taking their cue from the colours of nature. Hit the fashion mark with your Marble Green Oval Earrings that will remain an evergreen trend. No wonder we are going mad for all things marble!

4. Gold Circle Ring

Wear this adjustable ring on any finger, on its own or together with your favourite rings to make a stylish stacked statement.

5. Pivot Necklace

The modern marble accessory trend is all about sleek sophistication. Made from natural stone, each Marble Green Pivot Necklace has a unique venous pattern to express your individuality. Adjust your delicate golden chain to suit any neckline when making your marble statement.

6. White Earrings

Look effortlessly cool, calm and collected with your Marble White Earrings. The fan-shaped casing gives an updated look to these timeless studs that can go with both everyday casual looks and elegant eveningwear.

7. White Ring

Rings always make such a regal statement. Adorn your hands with this white marble adjustable ring for an elegant “touch”. Also available in pink marble with a silver setting.