Lush Chartreuse Box

Enjoy this lush combination of punchy lilac, chartreuse, baked pink and petrol blue. Chartreuse? Chartreuse (pronounced shahr-trooz) is a shade between the colours green and yellow. The colour was named after a French liqueur, called “Chartreuse”, made by the Carthusian Monks from the Chartreuse Mountains in France, which has a greenish-yellow tint.


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What to expect in the box:

1. Top Handle Bag

Every wardrobe needs a neutral coloured handbag that can go with everything. However, this doesn’t mean it should be dull! Find the perfect balance between practicality and modernity with your Lush Top Handle Bag’s structured shape and on-trend circle clip.

2. Abstract Printed Scarf

Wear your Abstract Printed Scarf to add a pop of colour or simply because you “just have to’” wear it. Updating your look with a stylish silk scarf has never been easier!

3. Marble Pink Oval Earrings

Your minimalistic Marble Pink Oval Earrings are sure to become your go-to accessory. Their soft pink hue will give any outfit an instant chic update as part of the ever-popular powder pastel palette trend.

4. Marble Pink Ring

Rings always make such a regal statement. Adorn your hands with this pink marble adjustable ring for an elegant “touch”. Also available in white marble with a gold setting.

5. Pendant Necklace

Introducing the new stylish Stone Age with your Lush Pendant Necklace. Made from natural stone, each pendant has a unique swirl pattern to suit your individuality, while your silver chain can be adjusted to suit any neckline. We’ll be taking one Lush Pendant Necklace on the rocks, thank you very much!

6. Silver Ring

Wear this adjustable ring on any finger, on its own or together with your favourite rings to make a stylish stacked statement.

7. Stone Earrings

It will be difficult not to lose your marbles when it comes to your Lush Stone Earrings! The coloured stone set in a fan-shaped stud, adds the perfect polished finish to any look.