Indigo Bouquet Box

For a limited time, we are offering our latest boxes up for grabs! #Lockdown on this midnight floral collection before you luck out.


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What to expect in the box:

1. Bouquet Backpack

This pretty petal backpack is perfect for a sleep-over or after-school sports clothes.

2. Indigo Tulle Skirt

Watch her twirl and swirl with a ballerina-inspired floral tulle skirt.

3. Bouquet Headband

Keep your little flower’s hair out of her face with this beautiful blossom headband.

4. Pom-pom Hair Ties

Why use normal hair ties, when you can use Pom-pom Hair Ties for a fun twist!

5. Reward Chart

Tired of battling over cleaning up toys, going to bed and doing homework? We have the perfect solution – positive re-enforcement! Encourage good behaviour by tracking your child’s progress as a visual reminder of how far they need to go until they get their reward.