Glacier Grey Timeless Box

This Glacier Grey Collection is a timeless shade of perfection. Inspiring quiet confidence and serenity. Glacier Grey works wonders with any wardrobe, whether with bright or soft shades, whether in everyday life or on special occasions. To take our set to an even warmer level, we created the perfect marriage by pairing the grey with rose gold earrings for a soft and romantic look.


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What to expect in the box:

1. Glacier Grey and Rose Gold Versatile Clutch Bag

A bag that can be worn THREE different ways? We know you don’t need more convincing than that! Transform your everyday look to classic and chic in a flash. Whether you are looking to refresh your work outfit, wear the perfect party accessory or need a sling bag for the weekend – your Glacier Grey Versatile Clutch will be the ultimate finishing touch.

2. Glacier Grey Blanket Scarf

There are scarves, and then there is the blanket scarf. They’re warm and cosy, making them a trend that is here to stay. The blanket scarf can also be worn in different styles like a poncho or wrap. If you want to embrace the “hottest” trend of the season, we’ve got you covered.

3. Black Skinny Scarf

Join celebrities, fashion influencers and street style stars in trading their statement necklaces for this high-impact piece. The skinny scarf is perfect for autumn’s cooler, but not quite cold, weather and will earn you some serious style points. What’s more, the skinny scarf is a versatile item that can be worn as a hair accessory, pussy bow or even as a belt.