College Chic Box

For a limited time, we are offering our current College Chic box AND a personal styling call up for grabs! #Lockdown on this collegiate cool look before you luck out.


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What to expect in your box:

1. Crossbody Cellphone Pouch
Let’s be honest, what more do you need than space for your phone and bank card, anyway? Perfect for when going out dancing

2. Pearl Buckle Belt
What is a fashion princess without her pearls

3. Velvet Pearl Headband
Only the hottest fashion must-have right now!

4. Pink Huggie Hoops
Huggie Hoops are a huge trend at the moment, don’t miss out!

5. College Chic Snood
Look cute and cosy with the checked scarf in tones of charcoal and pink

6. College Chic Specs
You know what they say: If you look smart, you will feel smart, so put on your College Chic Specs anytime you need that extra confidence boost.