Cherry on Top Box

For a limited time, we are offering our latest boxes up for grabs! #Lockdown on this cherished collection before you luck out. Please note, kids boxes do not include a styling call.


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What to expect in the box:

1. Cherry Novelty Bag

The PU cherry bag is great for keeping snacks, “shopping money” or some new-found treasures.

2. Cherry Hair Brush

Keep your little one’s locks knot-free with this cherry print brush.

3. Cherry Shoe Lace Charms

Add a playful kick to laces for a girly and quirky look.

4. Cherry Necklace and Charms

Add a “cherry on top” to your girl’s outfit with the cherry necklace and interchangeable charms.

5. Cherry Notebook

Write down precious memories or let her doodle to her heart’s content,