Caviar Coast Box

Recreate your own beach breakaway with accessories that evoke images of bleached wood, shades of sand and candescent caviar. Add some sleek jewellery for a touch of golden glamour that glistens and glows every time you move.


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What to expect in the box:

1. Cream Canvas Bag

With its modern minimalistic style, the Cream Canvas Bag is the epitome of “less is more” … And you have more space than ever to pack your snacks, swimwear or shopping items in this practical, yet stylish cotton canvas bag!

2. Tassel Turkish Towel

The bold and black tassels combined with the elegant colours of cream and slate make this Turkish Towel so much more than a trendy towelling option. The versatile piece is not only super absorbent and quick drying as a bath, beach or pool towel, but is also ideal as a sarong over your swimwear or as an elegant home décor item.

3. Frayed Wide Brim Hat

Take a cue from Chanel’s resort collection with this cream hat’s flat top and fashionable frayed edges. Not only does a wide brim protect your face from the harmful sun but makes a style statement when paired with any staycation outfit.

4. Chunky Gold Hoops

Hoops are here to stay and if you, like us, are happy about that, then you are going to love the latest above-keyboard-dressing addition! Simply add these lightweight Chunky Gold Hoops when joining your next Zoom meeting and try not to be too distracted by your gorgeous look on screen.

5. Signet Ring Set

Don’t hesitate to lift your fingers when wearing this stylish Signet Ring Set. The black signet ring combined with daintier stack rings can be worn together, or you can mix and match the five rings to find your ideal fit. There are no rules, just be sure to use a lot of hand gestures to show off your latest ring collection.