Babushka Babe Box

Babushka has two meanings; a headscarf and a Russian grandmother. If you look at the little dolls on the accessories, you will see that it looks like they are wearing little scarves on their heads. The ‘biggest’ doll is also seen as the grandmother, the next doll will be the mommy and the smallest doll, the baby of the family.


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What to expect in your box:

1. Babushka Doll Bag Set

Help your own little Babushka to name her new bags with the names of all the beautiful women who came before her so that she always remembers who her own Babushka Babe-squad is!

2. Doll Skipping Rope

What is so magical about a skipping rope? It develops gross motor skills, balance and coordination, plus it’s tons of fun!

3. DIY Doll Necklace Set

A fun activity to make one’s own necklace!

4. Babushka Doll Socks & Mittens

Perfect to keep your girl’s feet and hands cosy in winter.

5. Doll Hair Ties

This sure brings back memories for mommy – tell your little one how you wore the same hair ties when you were her age.