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I am very satisfied with the quality and array of products sent to me with every box. The items are versatile, elegant and obviously chosen by people with impeccable taste. My The Box Fashion accessories are never stowed away in a closet for the illusive ‘one day’, only to gather dust; they can be worn every day and work well with almost any outfit.

The lookbooks that accompany the collections are also very handy, thank you for that!

I would like to thank the team at The Box Fashion for the exceptional service they deliver.

Kind regards,



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I have only received two boxes so far and I love both of them! I really enjoy your Facebook page, I follow every single post. Mianke is my five-year-old granddaughter and she enjoys the boxes just as much as I do.

We are both looking forward to the future collections. Mianke makes the selections and always tells me: “Oumie, we have to share!”




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In January 2016 I was introduced to “The Box Fashion” by a dear friend. I must admit that I was a little bit skeptical at the beginning of this fashion journey. I think any woman would agree that it is a nerve wrecking task to choose your own accessories let alone leave it in the hands of people you don’t even know. But the fashion gurus at The Box Fashion changed my mind with the first box they sent. The Box Fashion has been nothing but a wonderful shopping experience!

I practically received my entire year’s key accessories from them. I have had nothing but an all-round fun, enjoyable experience while choosing my seasonal boxes, with their continually expanding and always fashionable styles. The packaging of every box is very classy and you really feel special when receiving every season’s latest trends. The accessories are of great quality and flattering on any body type. I love all the items I have ordered throughout the year.

I give The Box Fashion an A++ for style, easy selecting and fast delivery. An added bonus is the attitudes of the ladies at The Box Fashion. They are polite, helpful and very efficient in assisting you with any query you might have. I would like to thank the entire The Box Fashion team for making my extremely busy year a little simpler. I found all I could hope for when it comes to buying accessories, in one place!


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There is not one day that I regret becoming a member. The Box Fashion made me feel like a woman again! Just like many moms, I would rather spend my last penny on my kids and I would never go out to a mall to spoil myself! Now I get my little present every season delivered to my door- all for myself! I look and feel pretty again. The courier must think I’m crazy when he sees me, because I want to run to him every time to sign for my box!

Thank you so much for all the stunning collections. This is the best gift I could ever give to myself!”


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All of the boxes are totally awesome. I cannot go one day without them. It gives colour to my wardrobe and even and on an “off”-day, it gives my mood a boost!

Thank you for giving all of us a chance to feel fabulous every day.


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I love, love, looooooove all of my boxes. I was rocking my summer wide brimmed hat this weekend and looked like a DIVA!

Thank you The Box Fashion, your selection is AWESOME!


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Thank you for all the beautifully put together boxes I have received already. I always get so excited opening it!”


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#love #love #love The Box Fashion.

Every term I can’t wait to receive my box that I share it with my 14- year-old daughter.



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The Tiger Stone gem reminds me of a ring my grandmother had with the same stone.

I loved it ever since I was a small girl. It took me one box to realize that I need to be a VIF-client, because I simply want it ALL!