Every seasonal collection consists of colour – coordinated accessories, expertly chosen to match trends crowned at the European Fashion Week. We continually keep you up to date with the latest style movements…you will always be a step ahead of the rest.


Our accessories are created using top quality materials. We promise you high-end, hypo-allergenic jewellery, superior quality scarves and durable handbags to complement your personal style.


You are in control, the creator of your own look. You get to choose the box that suits you best. Our three-month payment option is easily affordable and best of all it is interest-free!


The Box Fashion is like having your own personal stylist at any time. No more spending hours shopping for items that match and complement each other. Your chosen box will be delivered to your doorstep with professional care…say goodbye to long queues.


Each seasonal box contains a lookbook brimming with information. This is where you will learn the ultimate fashion and style secrets. And to top it off, we partnered with SA IMAGE to offer you professional telephonic styling advise. Every season we will advise you on how to coordinate your wardrobe and accessories to create the look you want or need.


Not only is our membership high-class, it is by invitation alone.  Current members are given the option to invite the most special ladies in their lives to join our elite fashion sisterhood, ensuring a special bond of trust between us and our various members. You will be part of an on-trend fashion world, where we share our favourite outfits, special fashion tips and so much more.  Follow the hottest trends and be inspired by fellow leading ladies, to find what works for YOU.