How can I join?

Our membership is very exclusive, and you need to be nominated to join. If any of your friends are members, they are welcome to refer you when they are contacted for referrals.

If you are a client of any of the Platinum Group of Companies, you can rather send us your Policy/Reference number, as well as your contact number. We will arrange for you to be called. Alternatively, keep an eye on our social media for any special promotions.

When will I receive my box?

Seasonal boxes are delivered 10-15 working days after every third successful payment.

How will I know when to choose my box?

We will alert you via SMS, upon requesting your third payment. Keep in mind that delivery is still subject to receipt of the third payment.

How can I buy products from your old collections?

Have a look at our new online store section, to see if the item appears on our store. Should it not currently be on sale then send us an email and we will then check availability, advise regarding pricing and generate an invoice upon confirmation.

How do I log in on the website and make my choice?

If you don’t have an online account yet you will need to register a new account on our website (located on the top of this page) and then in the account creation process you will need to also supply your ID number so that we can validate that you are indeed a box fashion member.

Why don’t I ever get SMS’s to choose my box?

If you already made a selection online, you will no longer receive an SMS. Another reason may be that you have changed contact numbers and we were not informed about the changes. If the latter is true, or if none of these reasons apply to you, please contact client care for assistance.

I am a VIF member, why did I receive an SMS to choose a box?

A VIF box consists of one bag and its accompanying feature, and the rest of both collections. You are therefore still selecting which bag you would like.