Forest Moss

Season: Winter 2019
Ideal for: Ladies

What you’ll receive …

Forest Navy Cape

For the FIRST time ever, we have a product that is locally manufactured. In collaboration with local designer, Zelmari du Preez, from Preez, we designed and manufactured a winter cape that works for most body shapes and sizes. It is an amazing honour for us to provide ladies in the Carolina area with a steady income for the next few months that will sustain their households and families. By “Keeping it Local”, it allows us (and YOU) to support small businesses and communities.

Forest Moss Wallet

This season, fashion forages for green hues reflecting the colours of lush foliage. Allow the Forest Moss Wallet to evoke images of the countryside and moody woods. When paired with navy the wallet adds the perfect pop of colour to this ultra-feminine luxurious collection.

Gold Coin Necklace

Instantly transform any look from plain to perfection with your robust Gold Coin Necklace. The coin jewellery trend has recently been popping up all over social media feeds and street style fashion. We opted for a more timeless design with a hammered texture for your necklace instead of the very popular medallion look.

Gold Coin Earrings

Transform any look from plain to perfection with these robust gold disc earrings. Wear it together with your Gold Coin Necklace as a set for the ultimate statement.

Gold Wavy Hoops

The hoop trend is showing no signs of saturation and we are currently obsessed with this wavy design that adds a bold touch.