Pastel Ice Cream (Kids)

Dreamy pastels with ice cream colours make keeping your little one engaged so much easier! Their handy collection of user-friendly items gets them involved and creative, from helping to prep and pack lunches to car rides free of drink spills. Pack their notebook and highlighters into the spacious lunch bag for an added snack-time activity.


What's in the box

Pastel Lunch Bag

Living life one fresh lunch at a time! Spacious enough to fit most lunch boxes containing delicious snacks, with smaller zipper compartments for special treats. Pop a water bottle into the bottle compartment, and adjust the strap or remove it for easy packing.

Pastel Drinking Cup

The dream of reaching a spill-free life gets closer, one drinking cup at a time. This pastel drinking cup is easy to use with a silicone straw and sealing cap and quick to rinse and clean.

Sandwich Cutter

The bread crust - disapproved of by young children around the world. Get your little one involved with packing lunches and make it fun for them with this sandwich cutter.

Pop-It Notebook

On-the-go ideas should be scribbled in a cute and colourful Pop-It Notebook! Ideal for car rides, school activities, and logging garden adventures.

Ice Cream Highlighters

Colour the day but do it in dreamy pastels with cute ice cream shapes. Pick your favourite colour combos and highlight all the important things to remember.

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