Oops-A-Daisy (Teens)

Dainty gold delicates with fresh petal details, the Oops-A-Daisy collection brings cute and quirky together so that every outfit has a perfect finish.

What is in the Box?

  • Oops-A-Daisy Backpack

    Oops-A-Daisy Backpack

    Compact and cutesy, your welldesigned and multi-pocketed backpack offers adjustable straps and ample space for everyday essentials.

  • Gingham Headband

    Gingham Headband

    The padded soft volume and fine woven gingham pattern is a fresh update to the nostalgic head adornment which is appropriate for any occasion.

  • Gingham Scrunchie

    Gingham Scrunchie

    Complete any hairstyle with your Gingham Scrunchie, sporting the perfect flouncy bow that emphasizes the black and white check print.

  • Daisy Mesh Scrunchie

    Daisy Mesh Scrunchie

    The subtle embroidered daisies on your Daisy Mesh Scrunchie make for an interesting detail whether worn in your hair or on your wrist.

  • Daisy Petal Studs

    Daisy Petal Studs

    Classic petals never let you down! With a touch of yellow and a perfectly placed gap, the dainty Daisy Petal Studs spark nothing but joy.

  • Dainty Disc Bracelet Set

    Dainty Disc Bracelet Set

    Wear them individually or mix them up, your Dainty Disc Bracelet Set gives the perfect balance between gold discs, subtle white beads, and circular pendants.

  • Daisy Signet Ring

    Daisy Signet Ring

    The sweetest little Daisy Signet Ring makes a statement on its own or can be worn with your favourite rings for a complimentary stacking look.

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