Dear Diary

SOLD OUT! They say that our greatest ideas come when we least expect them. Why not have a compact collection ideal for jotting down important thoughts while on the go? Great for studying, working or strolling around for inspiration - pop your hair up, find a comfy spot, and get focused.


What's in the box

Dear Cellphone Pouch

Your all-in-one cellphone pouch is great for keeping wallet essentials and your phone safe. The best part? The transparent panel allows you to use your phone’s touch screen without having to remove it. Adjust your strap or unclip it for a wallet effect, and you're ready to go.

Dear Highlighters

Colour the day but make it dreamy pastels in soft, beautiful tones. Pick your favourite colour combos and highlight all the important things to remember.

Dear Notebook

“Dear diary, I hope to fill your pages with all the wonderful things I dream of and fun ideas I have.” Slide this compact notebook into your bag to keep track of all your important thoughts.

Dear Cellphone Stand

A must-have for any smartphone owner. Create easy videos and have hands-free video calls with your bestie on your collapsible phone stand.

Dear Hair Clip

Lazy days require minimal hairstyling. We recommend making your claw clip your bestie to keep all the flowy strands at bay.

Dear Drinking Cup

Reusability is cute, and this drinking cup is even cuter! With natural textures and a straw, enjoy your favourite beverages served up pretty and conveniently on the go.

Dear Pencil Bag

Pack it in and zip it up! Your soft texture jelly-style pencil bag has space for stationary essentials that make studying or taking notes easy peasy.

Dear Note Tabs

Keep track of all your most important notes and reminders with different coloured note tabs. You can colour-code specific categories by simply pulling the non-adhesive part from the container and sticking it to the page.

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