Comfort Creature (Teens)

The ultimate comfort creature collection to make getting ready for the day or winding down before bed your favourite time of day! The super soft textures and handy items will make your daily me-time routine feel so much more luxurious.


What's in the box

Natural Paddle Brush

Style and detangle your hair easily with the Natural Paddle Brush. The large size makes for comfortable brushing, and the bristles gently massage the scalp.

Silky Comfort Set

Whether using the headband and scrunchie during your skincare routine or wearing the luxuriously soft texture eye mask at bedtime, the Silky Comfort Set is the me-time set everybody needs.

Wrap Head Towel

The Wrap Head Towel is the softest texture and fast-absorbing fabric for ultra-convenient hair drying after a wash. Perfect for keeping hair tucked away while doing your skincare routine.

Cosmetic Travel Bag

The Cosmetic Travel Bag makes your toiletries organised and accessible while on the go. The various-sized compartments keep all your essentials secure, and the hook makes for easy hanging while taking a shower or bath.


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