College Chic

A 90s inspired accessory collection, but cute! The College Chic look is inspired by the classic film Clueless, the OG girly teen movie before Mean Girls or Legally Blonde. Where do we petition for this to be the new work from home uniform?

What is in the Box?

  • Crossbody Cellphone Pouch

    Crossbody Cellphone Pouch

    Let’s be honest, we don’t need much more than our phones, lip balm, and our bank cards anyway, right? Perfect for everyday activities to grab on your way out and carry only the essentials in. No heavy bags, no problem!

  • Pearl Buckle Belt

    Pearl Buckle Belt

    What is a fashion princess without her pearls? A classic black mid-size belt that is both functional and fashionable, making a subtle statement with timeless details on the buckle. Loop it through your jeans or wear it over a dress to accentuate your waist.

  • Velvet Pearl Headband

    Velvet Pearl Headband

    Only the hottest fashion must-have right now! Your soft-textured velvet headband creates slight volume with the knotted detail and creates a beautiful halo look. The pearl details are guaranteed to complement even the simplest hairstyle.

  • Pink Huggie Hoops

    Pink Huggie Hoops

    Huggie hoops are a huge trend at the moment, don’t miss out! Dainty and understated gold and pink, it is the perfect everyday earring. It clips open comfortably and can be worn on its own for a rounded off look, or with other earrings to create a fun combination.

  • College Chic Snood

    College Chic Snood

    Look cute and cosy with the checked scarf in tones of charcoal and pink. The soft texture means a no-scratch comfy feel and you can wear it with bold colours to make the ultimate style statement or wear it with solid neutrals to create interest.

  • College Chic Specs

    College Chic Specs

    You know what they say: If you look smart, you will feel smart, so put on your College Chic Specs anytime you need that extra confidence boost. A fun accessory to wear with practically any outfit to any occasion.

  • Isabella Garcia Mystery Product

    Isabella Garcia Mystery Product

    To top everything off, each box is complemented by one of Isabella Garcia’s top of the range and beautifully packaged luxury beauty products to the value of R625! But we will be keeping it a secret for your surprise…

Disclaimer: Depending on your membership level, the number of items in your box might differ from the list above. To see exactly what you will receive in your box, click here and make sure you are logged in.