Aqua Glass

Crisp, clear, and cool is looking particularly hot! Sultry silver details with aqua and tangerine accents, this is the go-to collection to effortlessly add bold elements that express joy through the colour palette and smart details.

What is in the Box?

  • Transparent Tote Bag

    Transparent Tote Bag

    Crisp and clear, this tote bag is the chicest way for you to attend any gathering providing generous space and convenient straps to carry in-hand or over the shoulder. Pack your snacks and favourite drinks or grab a beautiful towel, you’re guaranteed to impress.

  • Aqua Glass Kimono

    Aqua Glass Kimono

    Sporting a whimsical pattern in soft aqua and vibrant tangerine, the soft textured Aqua Glass Kimono is cropped with a gorgeous voluminous fit. The flowy wide sleeves and waistline drawstring means that it can be styled over or with virtually anything in your wardrobe.

  • Black Resort Sunglasses

    Black Resort Sunglasses

    Edgy and trendy come together perfectly with these matt black signet style sunglasses that have an ultra-cool finish because of the solid metal bar. Wear them around the pool, the park, or indoors for an ultra-luxe look that screams bold expression.

  • Aqua Glass Sunglass Sleeve

    Aqua Glass Sunglass Sleeve

    Soft to the touch and super stylish, the Aqua Glass Sunglass Sleeve is the perfect item to take care of your sunglasses in transit or when they are not being worn. It takes up minimal space, fits into your bag easily and protects the glasses from scratches.

  • Aqua Glass Sunglass Chain

    Aqua Glass Sunglass Chain

    Light and oh so handy, what better way to add a pop of colour than with your lightweight resin Aqua Glass Sunglass Chain. Effortlessly slide the silicone clasps over your sunglass temples and you’re good to go.

  • Silver Circle Bangle

    Silver Circle Bangle

    Brushed silver metal with a simplistic circular design is all the minimalist statement we need! The Silver Circle Bangle clips around your wrist easily to elevate and complement any silver details in the rest of your outfit.

  • Silver Statement Earrings

    Silver Statement Earrings

    What’s more sultry than a brushed metal earring? Definitely your Silver Statement Earrings with their tiered circles that dangle to create a beautiful, elongated effect. Wear them with hair loose or tied up for gorgeous detail.

Disclaimer: Depending on your membership level, the number of items in your box might differ from the list above. To see exactly what you will receive in your box, click here and make sure you are logged in.