How to Hygge

Hygge, the really lekker things in your life you didn’t know had a name. But how do you hygge?

Dating back to the 1800s, this term is part of the Danish cultures DNA that caught on in the UK and America only from around 2016, and since then we’ve seen this lifestyle trend reach from books and food to fashion and décor trends all over platforms like Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter.

Pronounced “hoo-ga”, this term cannot be translated into any one word, but essentially describes all the smaller things that we experience in life relating back to contentment, happiness and cosiness. You know, #littleluxuries which just so happens to be our theme for this season’s boxes.

Do we have it?

As the nation situated at the very lowest point of Africa, there are a few things synonymous with being a South African: Braai and braai broodjies; shweshwe outfits; African sunsets; using the word ‘shame’ in various ways, and knowing the difference between ‘now’, ‘now-now’ and ‘just now’. Hygge encompasses all those snug feelings we have when doing things that make us feel most at ease.

Image via Yuppiechef

Is it just a feeling?

It can translate into physical things as well, like putting on your comfy slippers after running around in heels all day, or wearing a knitted sweater that hugs you warm, even sitting in a soft chair curled up with a good book.

Image via FTD


This season’s boxes, Coco Nouveau and High-End Heritage, are actually inspired by all our favourite physical things, like opulent colours, plush textures and timeless pieces that will instantly make you feel good when wearing them.

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We would say these aspects of life are lekker, and the Danish would call it hygge.

Seize the day with these moments

This year it is especially important to focus on these lekker hygge moments amidst the difficulties of lockdown. There are so many hygge moments in our lives if we just drowned out the noise and appreciated them.

These feelings teach us gratitude and bring contentment, they are a way of life and a layer we must choose to experience daily that bring us closer to appreciating those little luxuries that we often miss.

Watch our model, the gorgeous Big Bad Wolf talk about her little luxuries: