All About Advanced Style

This season’s model and local Advanced Style icon, Deborah Darling reminds us that life with your ‘silver sisters’ can be fun and inspiring if you let it.

Style is such a personal experience, it’s how we express ourselves visually and more often than not a symbol of who we are. We get to have fun with it and play dress-up for any normal day of the week but adopting this new freedom might be daunting to initiate in your life. We’ve prepared the ultimate inspirational and how-to-guide for you to “advance your style”.

What is Advanced Styling?

First documented in 2012 by street-style-photographer, Ari Seth Cohen,  Advanced Styling refers to seniors with some serious sartorial savvy. Fast forward to the new decade and Advanced Styling is spreading like a wildfire with more women starting to embrace this liberation.

Our Fave Advanced Style Icons

These Advanced Style icons have embraced their style identity and thrown caution to age by wearing whatever makes them feel most like themselves. They fearlessly walk down the street parading their inner muse like it’s nobody’s business because it’s not. They do not worry about others opinions regarding their style because, in the words of American Jeweller Harry Winston, “People will stare, make it worth their while.”

Deborah Darling (58)

Images via Instagram

Our number one Advanced Style icon, is, of course, our local Deborah Darling that is featured in our latest boxes, Faded Floral and Ginkgo Garden. Not only is her content on relatable and quirky, but her style choices are impeccable! Watch our interview with Deborah for her positive take on ageing.

“I think ageing is a very good thing and a privilege.

-Deborah Chambers”

Lyn Slater (65)

Images via Accidental Icon

Lyn started her fashion blog, Accidental Icon, after she was mistaken for a fashion insider outside an exhibition. Six years and 700K Instagram followers later, Lyn jokingly states it’s not so “accidental” anymore. We’re not only obsessed with her cute bob and amazing collection of sunglasses, but also her love for classic pieces that she always pairs with current items and interesting design details.

 “I want to control my own representation, which I think is a very important issue for our time.

– Lyn Slater”

Trinny Woodall (56)

Trinny Woodall
Images via You UK

Trinny is a household name in British fashion, having hosted popular makeover show, ‘What Not to Wear’, in the early 2000s. Today she is founder and CEO of Trinny London, a cosmetics brand, but we can still see her working her makeover magic on her Youtube Series, The Trinny Takeover Show.  We love how Trinny’s vibrant and bubbly personality is reflected in her bold colour and fashion choices and how she literally manages to pair ANYTHING with a white sneaker!

“You don’t find women with great confidence dressed as if they don’t care.

– Trinny Woodall”

Iris Apfel (98)

Images via CNBC

An interior designer and businesswoman by profession, Iris Apfel is these days more commonly known as a fashion icon that is instantly recognisable by her silver pixie cut, oversized round glasses and a red lip. Iris even signed a major modelling contract at the age of 97 with the same agency as Kate Moss, Bella and Gigi Hadid…what an inspiration!

“I say dress to please yourself. Listen to your inner muse and take a chance. Wear something that says “Here I am!” today.

– Iris Apfel”

The ‘How-To’ of Advanced Styling

Advanced Styling starts by determining who you are and who you want to be, regardless of what people think. Whether it’s painting your nails and your lips blue or wearing a biker jacket with hoop earrings – decide on the elements of fashion that bring you joy. If you’re not yet comfortable going all in straight off the bat, start small.

Begin with your wardrobe and try different combinations of outfits, pair your patterns or colours together in a way that you haven’t done before. Add accessories that complement this look and don’t be scared to add more things than what you normally would.

Our stylist, Alicia Kotzee, shows us how her mom, Mercia Fraser, takes what could be a fairly normal outfit to a more interesting look in a few easy steps:

1. Casual outfit 

A great way of updating a casual outfit is by mixing your prints and patterns, but keep it in one colour palette like the navy, tan and rust that Mercia did here. She also cropped her t-shirt by knotting the front, instead of wearing it over the skirt or just tucked in. This accentuates her smaller waistline and elongates her legs as she has curvier hips. Style it up with accessories – adding a neutral colour hat while matching chunky jewellery from our Ginkgo Garden range finishes off her look.

2.Work outfit

Advanced styling doesn’t mean you have to purchase a whole new wardrobe! Simply start with upstyling your wardrobe basics like black skinny jeans and a tank top. Normally one would add a jacket or a flowy top over but instead, Mercia used our Luxe Ginkgo Scarf and made it a belted shawl by wrapping it around her shoulders and draping it in the front.

3. Smart Casual

Try mixing your formal and casual pieces together like this sateen skirt with a tongue-in-cheek statement tee. Mercia used a classic pearl necklace along with a fun collar to bring in colour repetition and patterns. Instead of wearing the pearl necklace as a necklace, she wrapped it around her arm for a more modern twist on this classic item. Her matching colour heel rounds it off for an elegant polished look.

Golden Rules: Be creative. And have fun!

These are the two most important things when it comes to Advanced Styling. You’ll quickly learn when you’ve hit the mark with something like a hat, statement earrings and a necklace and when you need to stop, drop and roll out with something else.