The Wide-Legged Jean Trend

Wide-legged jeans come in all lengths and styles; the options are endless!

Here are a few styles to look out for:

1. The Culotte Jean

A culotte jean (like Marlee is wearing) is typically a high-rise with a flared, cropped hem. This style is great for balancing out bigger thighs and hips.

2. The Mom Jean

These jeans are usually made out of a light-wash and stiffer, non-stretch fabric. They have a high-waist with tapered ankles that you should cuff for a more modern update to the look. A mom jean not only creates the illusion of a cinched waist but will also give you a bit of a fuller bum.

3. The Boyfriend Jean

The trusted boyfriend jean cut is still a fashion staple when it comes to a looser fit. With its tighter fit around the waist and roomier style around the legs, this is the perfect fit for a someone who needs more volume around the hip and bum area.

4. Girlfriend Jean

The girlfriend jean can be described as the slimmer counterpart to the boyfriend jean. With its higher waist and more tapered legs, the girlfriend jean is a great option for trying the looser fit trend if you are a die-hard skinny jean fan.

Important Tip: The Lenght of the Jean

If you are tall, you can wear sweeping lengths as well as cropped styles like the culotte. However, if you are shorter, avoid buying longer lengths as you will need to shorten the jean, causing the silhouette of the jean to change. Instead, buy a cropped style or a jean that you can cuff like the mom, girlfriend or boyfriend jean as these styles cut just above the ankles, which is also the skinniest part of your body.