Our Story Behind the Collection

When last did you play with clay? For most of us, it was probably when we were children! Yet, the polymer clay jewellery trend immediately brings back poignant memories of kneading, moulding and shaping the doughy texture and that’s exactly where our story began for this season.

Fast forward a few years and it is no longer clay that we mould, but the lives of our families, our bodies…our stories. But how exactly do we shape and are we shaped as women? We explored this concept by working with two remarkable ladies in the creative industry and soon realised that the answer is two-fold.

JUDITH ATELIER, Fashion Designer

We are proud to not only feature Judith as a model, but also some garments from her latest range! Judith Atelier is passionate about shaping, dressing and celebrating women through her designs that prominently highlight feminine features. Her designs almost act as a vessel for women to reflect their inner strength and beauty to the outside world: “When it comes to emotions and self-being, I’d like for women to identify as expressive, strong and confident,” Judith states. By dressing our figures, we not only shape the perception that others have of us, but more importantly we are also giving shape to the beauty of our souls.

CELESTE THERON, Artist, Designer and Illustrator

While clothing shapes us physically. Life experience, as Celeste can testify, is what shapes us emotionally. When Celeste and her husband excitedly welcomed a beautiful baby boy, a newborn was not their only life-changing experience. A few days after Björn was born, the paediatrician diagnosed him with Down Syndrome. Celeste beautifully describes her journey with a special needs child as trading “motherhood” for “otherhood”, meaning constantly unlearning what to expect from her child as prescribed by society. This not only shaped her as a mother, but also as a person to be more accepting and tolerant of anyone who does not fit the “norm” – a message Celeste, and we, feel very strongly about.


Our wish for you is that your new collection will add shape and colour to your wardrobe as well as your life. Whether you belong to the “womanhood”, the “motherhood” or the “otherhood” …we are all part of the “sisterhood” and we cannot wait to share more with you on this topic!

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