Out with the NEW and in with the OLD?

Via Nova Moda

Ever bought the most amazing item only for “life” to happen? Whether it is a stain, rip or even just a bit of weight gain, we all know that sinking feeling when your favourite item (and hard earned money) ends up in the back of your closet! Luckily, we have a few tips on how to salvage your most loved items! 

As you know, sustainability is key, especially when it comes to the fashion. With trends still changing at break-neck speeds, it is difficult to resist the temptation of buying the latest “must-have” item. This is exactly where your “back closet items” can help! Instead of tossing a piece, join the the fashion revolution and upcycle it (transforming old or discarded items into something useful) with these easy DIY-ideas:

1. If it no longer fits…

Adjust the size of pants, skirts or tops by adding a panel in the side seam. Buy a coloured or patterned fabric of your choice that is long enough to fit the specific length of the garment you want to change and take it to your local tailor to have it sown in. Perfect the look by keeping the panel the same width from top to bottom and then altering the inner leg seam to your specifications. Not only will you have an extra pair of pants that fit to wear, but you will be spot on with the current athleisure trend and side-stripe trousers.

Via Moda Operandi

2. If it’s too short…

We all have that one top that  has shrunk for some reason and now we can wear it as a crop top! Why not add a lace border or frill to the hem line for extra length. The new detailed hem will update your look, solve your problem and make it a frill-tastic affair.

Via Shop Bob

3. If it is stained…

Ever had a Friday night that went a little something like this: red wine, white blouse, someone with expressive hand gestures and SPLASH! A mess! No problem, this is an easy fix. No, we’re not going to tell you about the next best washing powder that will remove all stains in just one wash. Rather get crafty and cover up highly visible stains by making use of appliqué  techniques through layering fabric over the problem area and either stitch by hand or machine.  Alternatively cluster beads, sequins, pearls or jewels together to hide that stubborn stain. You can have this done by a seamstress or if you’re feeling creative and motivated for a DIY project, do it yourself.

Via Stilouette

Voila! Now your pre-loved items are basically as good as new!