The Classic White Shirt and Its Many Personalities

Ah, the classic white button shirt…Most of us own at least one! It is also the one item that can be incorporated into virtually any styled outfit. Not too sure? Our in-house image consultants set out to style the classic white button shirt in five different styles and the results were remarkable.

Originally, a white button shirt was  a sign of wealth and status.  Only the elite were able to afford these crisp beauties until it was made mainstream and became more accessible to the general public in the twenties. However, during the forties this classic piece gained popularity when it was worn by the likes of Hollywood actresses, Katherine Hepburn and Lauren Bell.

Katherine Hepburn via The Cut
Lauren Bacall and Humphrey Bogart via Vogue

Gone are the days of simply tucking a white button shirt into a pair of trousers and adding a business-like blazer. Here are some cool and current ways to wear your white shirt:

1. The Minimalistic Look

For a classic, minimalistic look, wear the white shirt in its unapologetic, original style:  untucked, open collar and with rolled up sleeves. Pair it with skinny black trousers and classic heels to set the stage for a statement necklace such as our Mixed Metal Necklace from our Almost Stone Winter 2018 collection.

2. The Street-Style Look

For a more expressive, fashion forward look add a trendy pleated skirt in a bold colour, glitter socks and sneakers – the cool-girl’s secret to every day chic. Repeat the black details of the skirt’s elasticated waist throughout the outfit for a well-rounded look. Add a fun focus point with the Knotted Metal Necklace from our Ash Rose Winter 2018 collection. FYI, this versatile necklace can be paired with virtually anything! Just remove the leather strap and replace it with any coloured ribbon – we happen to love a black ribbon for this particular look.

3. The Denim Look

We all know and love our old favourite, the jean! So, what better way to celebrate its omnipresent existence than by giving it the shine it deserves. Whether you are dressing it up or down, this white-shirt-and-jean combo is the perfect match! We took a more romantic approach and tied the Blue’ming Buttercup Satin Scarf from Spring 2016 as a pussy-bow around the shirt collar and matched the pink heels with the Top Handle Bag from our Autumn 2018 Lush Chartreuse Collection.

4. The All-White Look

Keep it fresh, crisp and clean! Sticking to one colour may be a new concept for some, but this all-white ensemble is guaranteed to turn heads this season. We chose a white, wide-legged, cropped jean and added a pop of colour with a red lip. A white and gold colour palette just screams summer, so we opted for The Statement Necklace from our Terrific Teal, Autumn 2016 collection to add some glam. We also added just the right amount of bulk with our Brushed Gold Cuff from our Talavera Blue Summer 2017 Collection. For an extra chic look, add sunglasses like we did with our Bohemian Berry pair from Summer 2015.

5. The Blanket Scarf Look

Flashback to those cooler evenings where you need something to keep you warm and cosy. By adding a dark wash jean (we simply can’t stay away) into the mix, you give a more sophisticated take on this snug ensemble. Dress the scarf up as a poncho with your Statement Belt from either of our Winter 2018 Collections. Or keep it casual as a wrapped blanket scarf for a more easy-going look.

6. The French Look

Parisian elegance is an art in itself. We simply couldn’t resist the nonchalant beauty of a headscarf and perfectly tied neckerchief. The Sage Garden Pleated Scarf from our Spring 2018 Collection makes an exceptional hair accessory and goes wonderfully with any style, no matter which way you wrap or tie it. The floral print of the scarf together with the 3D Floral Earrings pairs perfectly with the plain white shirt and takes the look from bland to beautiful. This compliments our minimalistic look with the white shirt half-tucked into high-waisted mom jean shorts.

Styled a million different ways, the white button shirt is an extraordinary staple for any style personality no matter what your wardrobe looks like. We’re convinced that it might be the eighth wonder of the world…