Colour Me, Stress Free

Does dressing up feel more like stressing up?

How do you know what colours are right for you?

We have all heard about being a warm or cool, bright and soft. We have even been referred to as seasons to acknowledge our colouring. This is enough to drive anyone colour-blind. Fortunately, there are universal options that open up a whole new world of possibilities for us.

1. Breaking it down:

Universal colours have a balanced mixture of blue and yellow pigment added to them, allowing them to compliment ALL skin tones. In other words, anybody can wear these colours!

2. The importance and effect of colour

It is important to note that when we refer to the “right” and “wrong” shades of colours, it is only the colour closest to your face that makes the difference. The right shade of colour will make your skin look energised and younger by drawing attention away from dark circles, redness or wrinkles. The wrong shade of colour could leave you looking drained and highlights the tell-tale signs of ageing. Luckily, as we previously mentioned, universal colours will make your skin look flawless no matter what your skin tone. You definitely cannot go wrong when choosing one in the wide selection of universal colours.

Via Fashion Gone Rogue

Here are a few examples of universal colours that we absolutely love:

Watermelon Red

The mixture of red and pink will keep you looking alluring and bold. Always a good combination for date night when you need that confidence boost.

Warm Pink

On Wednesdays we wear pink, warm pink to be exact. If you are anxiously going on your first date, incorporate this colour to display a sense of romance.


Make way for plum, as this colour projects assurance, confidence and a dash of mystery. Turn heads at your next formal gala event with this prize worthy colour.


Reminiscent of the midnight sky and freedom, navy is the best alternative for black and will establish a professional look. Let black step back and go crazy with navy.


Aqua will liven up any mood as it appears both energetic and tranquil creating that balance we all long for. Get the creative juices flowing at your next brainstorming session and inspire your team when wearing aqua in style.


Periwinkle radiates that magical feeling that reminds us of Alice in Wonderland. Do not wonder too far and for too long, wear this whimsical colour to your next dinner party.


Appeal in teal. This intriguing, opulent colour will set you apart from the crowd and will make you the talk of town in any social environment. Try this gem when hosting your next big event.

Denim Blue

Denim blue screams timeless. Take your look from day to night with this versatile colour as it is not a fad, but transcends the age of time and can be dressed up and down.


Cheers to this charming colour that will ensure you appear luxurious and classy. Use champagne as your white alternative when dressing up for any celebration.


The depth of chocolate brown takes us back to our natural, rich and rustic roots. This earthy tone exudes trustworthiness and can be worn with pride to any business meeting or on a weekend spent in nature.

4. Still not sure?

Incorporating colours into your wardrobe can be intimidating at times as we all love staying in our safe space and fear looking like a unicorn at a kid’s birthday party. But do not panic, take it step by step, ease yourself into the world of colour with necklaces, earrings, hair accessories, and even make-up. All things that we can help with 🙂

So be brave, the world will take notice of your new found love for colour… Universal colours are there to lead the way.