Coordinating Co-ords

According to the runways, spring demands attention and we fell head over heels for this head-to-toe-ensemble. “Wait, what is a co-ord?” you might ask. Short for “co-ordinates”, a co-ord refers to matching tops and bottoms that can be worn as a set or as separates. Here are some tips on how to brave this fashion phenomenon:

1. The Bold Coloured Co-ord.

The bolder the colour the better your stride. We are all for confidence and why not? With the latest trends from Paris Fashion Week S/S 2018, we could not be more excited to step up and stand out. Wearing a one colour outfit will make YOU the focal point.

We loved this lilac co-ord from Zara that we used for our spring shoot. It has a glamorous, yet comfortable style that can be worn to work or a semi-formal day event.

When wearing a bold colour, pair it with neutral heels and minimal accessories to keep the rest of the look toned down.  If you do not want to break the solid colour, you can also add the Floral Pleated Neckerchief to your hair, instead of your belt loop.

2. The Printed Co-ord

One colour too bland? Prints are here to empower you! At The Box Fashion we love us some prints and lucky for us, prints are HUGE this season. Anything from oversized, OTT blooms to bright and big polka dots, more is definitely MORE this spring.

When choosing a printed co-ord, make sure that your outfit does not end up wearing YOU! Grandiose prints in high-contrast colours work great if you have an expressive or an eccentric style. While the more romantic or elegant style personalities can opt for a classic pin stripe or smaller polka dot in softer colours.

3. No co-ords for me, thank you!

Too much print for you? That is completely okay, this trend may not be for everyone! But before you dismiss it completely, why not start small? Try spicing up your outfit with matching accessories for example, our Spring 2016 kimono comes with both a matching laptop sleeve and sunglass case that is currently available on our online shop.