Check your knits before you wreck your knits!

There comes a time in every woman’s life when we have to make a change. It takes planning, effort, time and physical excursion, but once it is done, we reap the endless benefits…of switching our winter and summer wardrobes. As we are on the cusp of spring, it is the perfect time to review the dos and don’ts of how to treat your knits before you pack them away till next year, or the next cold front!

Taking a brand new knit out of the machine seems like a mundane task – you would expect everything to be fine…until it’s not. Now it looks less like the beautiful soft garment that was recently purchased, and more like a newborn kitten whose proud mother has been licking away at its mangy hair.

Below is a list of useful tips that are low-budget and low-maintenance:

  • Wash by hand in tepid water! This is one of the most overlooked guidelines. Seriously.
  • Baby shampoo is a great product to avoid soapy stains or harsh detergents.
  • Scrunch it in a ball and squeeze out excess water, place on a towel and dry flat – DO NOT wring or hang to dry, this will stretch the fibres and warp the shape.
  • Fold instead of hang when packing away for the same reason as above.
  • Be sure that your knit is BONE DRY before packing it away, you don’t want a nasty surprise (i.e. mould) when you take it out for the next cold season.
  • Often brush and or shave (yes, shave!) your knits to avoid pilling and other fluffs building up. When shaving, be careful not to nick the garment threads as this will form a hole.
  • Be careful not to wash your knits too often, and alternate wearing them to ensure great looking garments for longer.

Basically, it is as easy as reading your wash care labels!

Happy packing and may it be a substantial time before we need any of our fluffy knits again.