All hail, the girlfriend jean!

It’s time to break up with your boyfriend jeans. The sexier, better half has taken the place of the androgynous boyfriend cut.

With subtle updates in current styles, designers are not reinventing the wheel with denim, but they are most definitely keeping us captivated with our wardrobe staples. Known as the more feminine version of the boyfriend jean, this must-have girlfriend cut is classic, more flattering and easier to wear for women with curves or who are “vertically challenged”.

Here are a few tips on how to nail a flawless girlfriend jean outfit:

1. Focus on fit

Ill-fitting jeans can visually pack on the kilos. Opt for a pair that is neither too tight nor too baggy, and steer clear from the unattractive muffin top effect with waistbands that are too tight. It is always a great idea to have jeans tailored if they do not fit perfectly. Be cautious though, jeans should fit well at the rise, hips and crotch area for it to be possible and worth your hard-earned money to have them altered.

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2. Elongate with length

Like the boyish version, the girlfriend jean is typically worn with the cuffs rolled up well above the ankle. To trick the eye into looking slimmer, try rolling the cuffs down and pair with heels instead of boots or flats.

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3. Working the wash

Unlike the monotonous shade of the typical ’80s mom-jean, the darker-wash option is not only slimming but also versatile for dressing both casual or formal looks and perfect for transitioning from a day to night outfit. Faded or distressed areas should be limited and strategically placed away from the back pockets and hip area, to draw focus away from areas you would not want to accentuate.

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4. Detrimental detail

Keep it simple and timeless by avoiding excessive details on your girlfriend jeans. Prominent stitching, applique, embroidery, lace and pearls should be kept to a minimum.

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5. Rethink the rise

Medium to high-rise jeans are ideal to firmly hold in the tummy, smooth the hip line and eliminate the risk of the dreaded muffin top. When worn correctly, high-rise jeans are nothing to fear and could easily add a touch of elegance.

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