How to transition your wardrobe from Summer to Autumn (07 March 2017)

Not ready to pack away your cute summer outfits? You don’t have to with these key pieces:

1. Blazer

The classic dilemma of chilly mornings and warmer afternoons can easily be solved by adding a blazer to your sleeveless items.

2. Button Shirt

For a fun and unique way to transition to autumn, layer a button shirt under a sleeveless dress or shirt. A button shirt can also be left unbuttoned over a tank top instead of a blazer.

3. Autumn Colours

Be sure to include deeper, more neutral colours that echo the changes in nature. Colours like rust, mustard and burgundy can be paired with classic white, black and denim

4. Boots

Different boot styles are starting to filter in and it is great way to still show off your summer tan. Pair some ankle boots with a mini skirt for a transitional look